DCAMM seminar - A Novel Method of FEM Modeling and Solution without Assembly: Can It Be Possible, Part I: Theory and Formulation

A DCAMM seminar will be presented by

Professor K.C. Park
Dept. of Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA





A new formulation for the displacement-only partitioned equations of motion for linear structures is presented, which employs: the partitioned displacement and acceleration and applied force (d,dฬˆ, ๐’‡ ); the partitioned block diagonal mass and stiffness matrices (๐‘ด, K); and, the coupling projector (Pd), yielding the partitioned coupled equations of motion.


๐‘ดdฬˆ= ๐( ๐’‡๐‘ฒ ๐’…)


The preceding DP (Displacement-only Partitioned) equations of motion (1) possess two key features. The nonzero frequencies and the static displacements (dฬˆ= 0) are the same as those obtained by the corresponding assembled FEM equations.

The key element of the proposed DP equations is the coupling projector (Pd) which can be constructed with the partitioned mass matrix (M) the Boolean matrix that extracts the partition boundary degrees of freedom (B) and the assembly matrix (Lg) relating the assembled displacements (dg) to the partitioned displacements (d) via d = Lg dg.

Danish pastry, coffee and tea will be served 15 minutes before the seminar starts. 


All interested persons are invited


Tue 03 Oct 23
13:00 - 13:45



Building 308, Auditorium 11
Technical University of Denmark
13 JULY 2024