DCAMM Seminars

DCAMM Seminars given in 2017

Dr Iain Staffell: Modelling the weather-energy-economic nexus
Aarhus University, Department of Engineering 24 October 2017
Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Senior Technical Fellow Jai Moo Kim: Tiltrotor UAV Development in Korea and Recent Progress for Performance Enhancement
DTU Wind Energy 6 October 2017
Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea

Research Engineer Jérémy Hure: Homogenized models for nanoporous metalic materials
DTU Mechanical Engineering 14 September 2017
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission Department of Materials
for Nuclear Applications Section for research on Irradiated Materials, France.

Professor Dennis M. Kochmann: From strong trusses to guided waves: computational challenges in truss metamaterials
DTU Mechanical Engineering 29 June 2017
Department of Mechanics and Materials, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland and Dept. of Aerospace at Caltech, USA

Associate Research Fellow Ronald Krueger: Face Sheet/Core Disbonding in Sandwich Composite Components: A Road Map to Standardization
DTU Mechanical Engineering 20 June 2017
National Institute of Aerospace and Resident at the NASA Langeley Research Center, USA

Professor Wen Jin Meng: Combined experimentation and simulation on mechanical failure of metal/ceramic interfacial regions
DTU Mechanical Engineering 15 June 2017
Louisiana State University, USA

19 OCTOBER 2017