DCAMM Seminars

DCAMM Seminars given in 2018

Professor Xiaoting Rui, PhD: Developments in Transfer Matrix Method for Multibody Systems (Rui Method) and Its Applications
Aarhus University, Department of Engineering 20 December 2018
Institute of Launch Dynamcs, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China

Emilio Martínez-Pañeda, 1851 Research Fellow: Towards Virtual Testing in Hydrogen-Rich Environments
DTU Mechanical Engineering 21 November 2018
Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, United Kingdom

CEO, co-founder nTopology Bradley Rothenberg: New Data Structures for Engineering Software
DTU Compute 12 November 2018
New York, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow Michael J.A. Smith: Composites for the control of optical, mechanical, and opto-mechanical processes.
DTU Mechanical Engineering 9 November 2018
School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Professor Alexander Fidlin: Nonlinear Resonance in strongly damped systems
DTU Mechanical Engineering 11 October 2018
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, Karlsruhe, Germany

Professor Emeritus Bob Randall: Diagnostics of variable speed machines
SDU, University of Southern Denmark: 14 September 2018
UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Dr. M. Sergio Campobasso: Navier-Stokes CFD for wind turbine aerodynamics: the yawed wind case
DTU Mechanical Engineering 31 August 2018
Department of Engineering, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Professor Emeritus Kjell Ahlin: Simulation of nonlinear systems with random loads
SDU, University of Southern Denmark: 20 June 2018
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Blekinge, Sweden

Postdoc Kristine Munk Jespersen: Damage mechanisms of fibre composite for wind turbine blades investigated by X-ray tomography and finite element modelling
DTU Mechanical Engineering 15 June 2018
Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japen

Professor Roberta Massabò: Multiscale structural modeling of layered structures
DTU Mechanical Engineering 9 May 2018
Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Genova, Italy

Associate Professor José A. Rodríguez-Martínez: A general overview on multiple necking and fragmentation problems in ductile solids subjected to high strain rates
DTU Mechanical Engineering 3 May 2018
Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain

Professor Ramesh Talreja: Transverse Cracking in Polymer Matrix Composites: A (nearly) Complete Story from Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Percolation
DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde 30 April 2018
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA

Professor Gyung-Jin Park: Nonlinear Response Structural Optimization Using the Equivalent Static Loads Method
DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde 23 April 2018
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea

Professor Alfredo Cigada: Some present challenges in Structural Health Monitoring: MEMS sensors and Measurement systems
SDU, University of Southern Denmark 15 March 2018
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Senior Research Manager, PhD, Ercan M. Dede: Multi-Scale Optimization Strategies for Electronics Thermal Management & Energy Harvesting
DTU Mechanical Engineering 14 March 2018
Toyata Research Institute North of America, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Postdoctoral Researcher Lars Edvard Dæhli: A Lode-dependent porous plasticity model motivated by unit cell analyses
DTU Mechanical Engineering 8 March 2018
Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Professor Samuel Forest: The micromorphic approach to gradient plasticity and damage.
DTU Mechanical Engineering 7 March 2018
MINES ParisTech, Evry, France

Assistant Professor Mahdi Abkar: Interaction of thermally stratified atmospheric boundary layers with wind turbines and wind farms.
DTU Mechanical Engineering 1 March 2018
Mechanical Engineering, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

15 DECEMBER 2018