Viggo Tvergaard, professor emeritus, dr. techn. - EUROMECH Honorary Member award ceremony




15:30: Viggo Tvergaard - a DTU professor

  Hans Nørgaard Hansen, professor, dr. techn., Head of Department of

Civil and Mechanical Engineering, DTU


15:40 Viggo Tvergaard's research and service to the scientific community

John W. Hutchinson, professor emeritus at Harvard University


16:15 Award ceremony

Marc Geers, president of EUROMECH


There will be a reception after the ceremony.


Please sign up by sending an email to Gerda Helene Fogt - - no later than 10 June 


Thu 15 Jun 23
15:30 - 17:00



Technical University of Denmark
Meeting Centre, Room S01
Building 101, Kgs. Lyngby
13 JULY 2024